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Pain Relief
Skin Relief
Self Care Products
Made With Ethical & Sustainable Ingredients That Mimic Properties of Cannabis

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Magnesium Oil, Miracle Balm, Soaking Salts

What Else Are We About?

Sustainable futures, interconnected healing and forward thinking.

We strive to create a world that we can continue to grow and learn from and that our later generations and thrive from. Our products are made from the purest ingredients we can find- but not only this is important but the sustainability of fair ethics of where these ingredients come from are just as important. We only accept ethical resources for our products.
With that being said- all our packaging and containers are recyclable, reusable or compostable (bath salts bag). 
We use recyclable tape for our packages and reuse any sort of packaging we have handled ourselves.
We are in it to win it. This is not a half assed eco friendly business, we want to go the full mile. With your help we can make these things come to fruition on the daily!

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